Friends recommended me to use Comfrey.
I didn’t know exactly how it worked. It was written about solder. I thought it would bring extra bone building elements into the body, but as it turned out, it heals by increasing circulation.
It also exists in ointments and alcoholic extracts.
I also had an ointment and bought tincture. I smeared on it, after a while it could be HEAR that something was moving in that area (e.g. lymph took away the excess water). But that might just be my fiction. ?
This has worked very well for me.
Or I looked to see if it could be drunk as a tea. It is strictly FORBIDDEN! Can only be used externally !!!


Field horsetail is one of the richest plant sources of silicon. Due to its silicon and organic mineral content, it has an excellent strengthening effect.
I ground the horseradish with a coffee grinder, sprinkled it on yogurt, and ate that way. Of course, you can also drink it as tea.

Herbal teas

Apart from the horseshoe, I didn’t really find any other herbal tea, I didn’t even drink anything.
Still, I picked up the teas because I think it needs to be handled in place, too.
Let us not make the mistake of expecting redemption in the event of a serious break.
Herbal teas are good, but our over-reliance on them and the neglect of other factors are harmful.

I also looked at this to see if it could be effective.
The Chinese doctor said quite correctly and openly that acupuncture is not good for that.
(you might use some, but the above things are suggested)


Sleep – take time to sleep.

Bioptron lamp

I used this too, I “heard” the effect here too, I think it’s good too.

Vascular network

rest day
Bodybuilders and athletes usually introduce a day off.
I don’t think it should be a planned day off!
Rather, go into useful nutrients every day, push for healing according to your own strategy.
If you do it very actively, you will be so tired anyway that you will be sure to miss 1-2 days :-). Then why plan, right? ? (at least I was terribly tired)
Perhaps a better way to do this is to shoot the strategy in a way that is not burdensome – rather to move in small steps.

Bone building is an energy intensive task!
Good news, you don’t have to count calories now!
Of course, calcium-extracting sweet things should be avoided now.


There are definitely a lot of other therapies that I haven’t looked at. There are many types of tea, supplements, forms of movement. What is important is not to get stuck with only 1 therapy !!!

The small table below shows better how many types of ingredients are possible. Physiotherapy, exercise, nutrient rich eating, sleep are all very important elements, but remember the proportions!

BoneMatrix 1.0

The table below shows the ones listed so far in one place. I draw special attention to complex thinking: physical, mental, and technological factors appear within a table.

By the way, the matrix is ​​also a higher mathematical object in addition to the film that is popular with many people. This will be good for us later because we can give a more accurate estimate of the listed factors in terms of therapeutic effect.

BoneMatrix 2.0

  • It’s a risk management algorithm.
  • Probability variables embedded in a quadratic matrix, where the matrices located in the quadrants are called/executed via recursive algorithms. The values in the matrices represent the possibly maximum therapeutic strength of each treatment with assumed usefulness (ie. Herb tea, deuterium reduced water, psychotherapy, etc).
  • There are positive and negative correlations between each sub-matrices separately, and between the base-matrix and the sub-matrices as well, which are represented by directed graphs. For example there is no point to drink excessive amounts of herb teas, while neglecting the other risk factors. (Too much of the tea could be harmful as well – overloading the kidneys – Gaussian curve.)
  • The (individual) values can change depending on the base-matrix – which is representative of the attributes of the individual patient.


Internal Doctor

During my research, one of my favorites became Paracelsus. (1493-1541)
“Paracelsus believed that the external doctor could not cure, only wake the internal doctor.”
I don’t think this is entirely true, as it had to be “mechanically” repaired here as well, and the bone had to be screwed in, this could only have been repaired by the internal doctor.
On the other hand, you have to see that the outside doctor can’t wheel calcium, magnesium, vitamin D into my elbow. ? Only the internal doctor, so the body, knows this. So it must be recognized that the external doctor cannot represent the entire part of the healing process. If we see this, it can be an important insight that the (external) doctor encourages the patient to work independently, giving him homework. I think this will make success better. (faster and / or better recovery)
Perhaps the following quote also fits here:
“Everything you do individually for your health will be worth more in maintaining health than all health care in the world.”
Dr. H. Mahler is a former Director-General of the World Health Organization

Another little Paracelsus:
He was able to learn from everyone: proponents, midwives, swappers, executioners, bathmasters who knew a lot about the human body and herbs. Paracelsus gathered these experiences from people with whom contemporary physicians were out of the question. – Are you watching this humility?!?!?!?

You can read more about Paracelsus here.