On April 15, 2016, I fell off the ladder. The end result is a fragmentary fracture of the right elbow. It was only “small” that it did not become a prosthesis. Or rather: on the surgical team of the Honvéd Hospital.
A 2-hour operation was over, and the bone was repaired with the PRECISION of a WATCHING TECHNICIAN.
The operation was performed by:
-the end of the elbow (Radius head) was taken out of my arm
-this piece of elbow was screwed on the operating table with various screws
-this piece was put back in my arm and fixed inside, the final result can be seen here:

Fortunately, this did not become a prosthesis, I learned the disadvantages of this later:
-the prosthesis is actually a silicone ball. Since it doesn’t get nutrient replenishment (where it would get it from, of course), it needs to be replaced every 10 years, which is tantamount to surgery and physiotherapy every 10 years. (silicone already has more advanced materials, but it doesn’t get any supplies)
-the prosthesis cannot be loaded with more than 3-5 kg.

After the operation, they were informed from the very beginning that there was a risk of bone death, “fortunately” this did not happen. The bone is fused, and in the end, my doctors said 2 out of 1,000 would succeed.

The fusion of the bone is otherwise approx. it was half a year. The biggest shock came at the 3-month control when it was reported that it had not yet boiled. That’s when the real research work started on what the problem is here, how to speed up bone building and avoid bone death. This means that the bone does not receive adequate nutrient supply, blackens, and dies. This results in another surgery and implantation of a prosthesis.

Let’s see what I did!

I think the result of an active work is that my elbow has healed, but hopefully we will also support this with measurement results. Respectively, the screws are still in my elbow, but you will see the strategy, chances are the bone building will be fine even after the screws are removed.

I consider it important to examine the correlations and think in the system. The site aims to explain why I am one in 1,000 and how I think this number can be raised to at least 30%.

In comparison, this means that we are earning HUF 15 million a month instead of HUF 100,000 per month. It doesn’t matter, does it? ?

Fragile fracture

False joint – this is where they were taken into the woods

At the 3-month follow-up, the doctor said. to go for an MRI scan because I need to see if there is a pseudo-joint.
I didn’t understand how the state would get here, moreover, the find was accidentally misspelled – with 2l. ?
Then of course I read after that, so they’re looking for something not real here.
In short, the bone does not boil together as it should.
I don’t want to detail this, here is a good description of the pseudo-joint.
If not all types, but some of them I think can be cured with the strategy described on the page.

Short strategy

There is a lot of information on the site. For those who don’t want to read through this, here’s a short excerpt that’s worth doing right away. Or this part: If I could start again.

1. regular physiotherapy – I did this from the first minute
2. Buying a slow speed fruit press – I bought one
https://www.emag.hu/star-light-csiga-rendszeru-slow-juicer-gyumolcspres-200-w-0-8-l-es-gyumolcsle-tartaly-reverse-funkcio-rozsdamentes-acel-fekete- sj-200 / pd / DR38GMBBM /

Unfortunately, I only started squeezing vegetables and fruits 3 months after the accident.

3. Consumption of foods containing collagen, calcium and magnesium + vitamin D intake.
Unfortunately, I only started taking these intensively 3 months after the accident. By intensive I mean 5-10 times the recommended daily allowance. With the right strategy and careful attention, I think this is feasible. Respectively, many people say that it is not possible to calculate the exact amount of calcium, magnesium, etc. ingested anyway. amount. I think they are right, I agree, the body will know which active ingredient it needs. On the other hand, we must strive to consume the foods we deem useful and to push back the useless.

The broader strategy

There are several pillars, I will start writing them numbered here, and the following menu items contain this as well.

1. Develop your own strategy.

Be a strategy! If not completely good, then it will change. Don’t take clearly what I’m listing here! Think about which one is good for you. See the Feelings menu for more information.

2. Describe what a person does when.
It was put on the fridge for me.
THIS IS AN ERROR! That I only put it out in one place!
Be laid out in 3-4-5 places! To the bathroom, living room, hallway !!!!
This is important because we can keep 7 ± 2 things in mind at once. If our described strategy is always in mind, it does not burden us. (does not take our attention)
My strategy was:

8-9 Yoga breathing, green smoothie, breakfast, Horsetail, yogurt
10 Poppy / poppy oil, rubber rope, Bioptron lamp
11 Vitamins
12 Dark chocolates, sun-bathing
13 Lunches, Comfrey
16 Running, Bioptron lamp
18 Yoga breathing

3. The attitude
At first, I thought I had a gift of rest time when I could do tasks I didn’t have time for so far. Fortunately, I quickly realized that this was not the case.
For me, this healing process was active work, not relaxation, I had to be aware of this myself. I read about these for 8-10 hours a day for 1.5 months + I paid attention to my diet and did physiotherapy regularly.

So once again, the 2 sides of the coin:


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