Its physiological role: to promote absorption.

It is important to support the absorption of your intake – It is useless to take in a lot of calcium or anything else if it is not absorbed.

a) The plants that support the efficiency of absorption – this is chlorophyll – are the green leaves in Hungarian.
As an experiment, I drank 2 dl of pressed salty juice. Of course, you need to drink slowly so that you don’t just “fall through” the body and be absorbed, and of course you also have to “chew”. Harder to drink than a strong homemade brandy! Down with the hat who eats this!

b) The building blocks – pairing of food – Ca is nicely (mainly) incorporated with magnesium, you have to eat Mg
also containing food
c) The time factor:
Think about it! If we enter e.g. 2000mg of calcium, most of it will be excreted, the body cannot process it all at once. I consciously ingested the nutrients over 1-2 hours. Therefore, the strategy should be described and exposed to 8-10 places.


The big question: how can it be introduced into the body e.g. 3kg of vegetables a day? Of course, in addition to regular meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Married…. pressed.
Squeezing separates the fibers and only the nutrients we need go into the body.
Question is that then the fiber is bad?
Of course NO, you need fiber too. (we’ll blend it)
You just have to understand that in a serious bone fracture, you simply have to eat so many vegetables and fruits that it is impossible to eat so much. There is only one way to squeeze.
The machines:
There is a quick twist between fruit presses, which gains existence on the principle of grinding. These usually make 6,000 to 10,000 revolutions per minute. I’ve heard several opinions that the juice heats up at these, and it’s exactly the useful ingredients that make us do this. I have not seen this supported scientifically, but I agree with that view.
The other category is the slow rotary press. They operate on the principle of 40-80 rpm, ie they gain their existence by pressing.

It wasn’t even an easy task to get a cheap press. These slow speed presses are usually over 100,000 HUF.
I found only one exception in the whole country, at EMAG, they are cheap, simple, between 20-30,000 HUF
I specifically have this:

The next level is the horizontal cylinder – twin screw, these are already more professional machines, 120-300,000 HUF, for us the following became:

Kempo GPT-E1303II twin cylindrical fruit, vegetable and wheat grass press

There are very good comparison sites on the net, there are a lot of videos.
The supply is so great that if you watched a lot of them, you end up lost in it.
But there is an important rule as to which is the best juicer: Which one is used! ?


Blender – you need it too.
This is where the role of fibers comes into play. Because the body also needs fiber. The fibers clean the intestines, these intestinal “street sweepers”. This will improve absorption efficiency. I did it so that about 20% was the smoothie, 80% was the squeezing. Who e.g. significantly obese, there may be 50-50% good, but you feel like you’re doing it for who’s doing well.

Also, the squeezed juice should be drunk slowly, it is best to “chew” it while drinking, i.e. you make the chewing movements with your mouth. It also gives a signal to the body to start digestion.

The pictures show 1 weekly portion of vegetables. 5kg beets, 3kg apples, 3kg carrots, 2kg cucumbers.
The picture shows a hand press. It is actually a wheat grass press, but can also be used for fruit pressing. However, it was not suitable for this large quantity, so I sold it after 1 week.

Bagged beets

Calcium extracting foods

It is not recommended to eat or drink during the recovery, they are as follows:
• To my greatest surprise: MILK. I could hardly believe that. But when 8 out of 10 articles said that, I started believing it. “Let’s not forget that even though it is propagated that we drink a lot of milk, the intake of a lot of animal protein deprives the body of its alkaline stores and thus accelerates rather than inhibits osteoporosis. 50 g of valuable protein a day is enough for an adult. In addition, the fats, proteins and phosphates in milk inhibit the absorption of calcium. ”

It is important to note that the situation is different with dairy products, hard cheeses e.g. specifically recommended.

Other calcium extractors:
• White sugar, sweeteners
• Coffee
• Sugar Soft Drinks – Includes carbonated and most canned fibrous soft drinks
• Alcohol – High alcohol drinks are expressly prohibited
• Too much salt
• Vegetables of the genus Solanum: tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes
• Too much movement is unusual

Body Clock

The servo clock – I found one too.
For those who believe in Chinese medicine, this can be good, that is, when to eat something.
Servo clock example
So don’t start squeezing him at 7 in the evening…


The biggest source of vitamin D gets into the body through sun exposure. According to sources, most of the vitamin D comes to us between 11 and 14 hours, which unfortunately coincides with the highest period of UV radiation. I regularly went out to sunbathe for 20 minutes during my recovery, carried my rubber band, and did the exercises in the meantime.
It inhibits the intake of vitamin D if we smear ourselves with sunscreen or if we are behind a bottle. So I just smeared my face and still had sunglasses and a baseball cap on the defense.

Sure, there will be a lot of people who say it’s stupid, in the end they still get skin cancer from UV radiation.
They may be right, no one wants to encourage anyone to do this, it is everyone’s individual responsibility.
I considered it here too, for me 20 minutes of sunbathing at noon was an acceptable risk.
Good question isn’t it? Do I get skin cancer or should my hand heal? ?

No problem, the Algorythm will say the solution.