Increase circulation

Well, what exactly is circulating?
And why? So what is the purpose?
Let’s see how I thought. Let’s break down the systems, let’s see which one does what.

Towards Delivery System

The delivery system, or: THE BLOOD CIRCULATION.
How to get the right nutrient to the right place?
Delivered with blood.
What do we need to do to speed this up?
You need to increase your speed.
How can we do this?
With more movement, breathing yoga, ice baths, etc., but let’s look at the other system first.

From Delivery System

I had edema at the site of surgery.
What is edema?
Please respectfully: excess water in the wrong place.
But why is it that it is there?
Because it takes its place away from bone building when edema is there, it takes its place away from useful nutrients – calcium, magnesium, and so on. can’t integrate.
How does that go from there?
Excess water is transported by the lymphatic system.
You need to know about the lymphatic system that it works like a one-way valve. Lymph fluid can only go forward, not backward.

Blood has a pump, this organ is the heart.
The air flow also has a pump, this organ is the lungs.
The lymphatic system also has a pump, but there is NO separate organ.
The pump of the lymphatic system is the contraction and relaxation of the muscles, ie MOVEMENT and BREATHING EXERCISES !!!

So if I want the water to disappear from the unnecessary place, I have to move more, in my case e.g. I had to exercise my hands more.
You can also increase the efficiency with breathing yoga, which will be a smaller block below.

The best description I have found of the lymphatic system:
“The lymphatic circulation is made unidirectional by the rectifying keys densely located on the lymphatics, the pumping effect of the muscles and the negative pressure of the chest (suction effect).”


a) physiotherapy at the physiotherapist
b) physiotherapy at home – 5-10-20 minutes every 2-3 hours as well as well – as shown by the physiotherapist
c) the exercises shown by the physiotherapist IN WATER
d) sports: what do I mean by sports? 20-25 minutes of 120 heart rate activity
e) gymnastics with rubber band, gymnastic ball
f) gymnastics in the store, on the street, on the bus – if you have the opportunity, do these, everywhere. I took my 10cm diameter small ball everywhere and did the push-ups while standing in line at the store.

Ice bath

At American football, I’ve heard that some athletes take an ice bath.
This means a short 5-10 minute bath.
The capillaries will be thinner, the circulation will be accelerated if we have taken in the right amount of nutrients (Ca, Mg, etc.), it will get here faster in principle, in principle it will be incorporated faster. Care should be taken not to take a long bath, because the bones and joints can catch a cold. I didn’t do that, it came to my mind at the end of the therapy.
Or do not do this with a freshly operated surgical wound.


The essence of the therapy: you get to -160C in a chamber for a few minutes.
Cryotherapy improves metabolism, strengthens the immune system, heals injuries and surgical areas faster, reduces pain and initiates muscle tissue regeneration.
I wasn’t like that.
I had screws in my hand. I was thinking that chances are the thermal expansion of the screw (titanium) and the bone is different. If the thermal expansion is different, the screw may move out and do more harm than good.
Overall, I had the feeling that this was not good in my case.

Circulating air is also ? – the air system.

Oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapies are recommended for wound healing. I think then it also has a stimulating effect on bone building.
a) Oxygen therapy without a high pressure chamber
Man inhales oxygen, which can speed up metabolism. I wasn’t, it might be useful, I bought organic vegetables for that money too.
b) Oxygen therapy with high pressure chamber – hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
I wasn’t, I think that could be really good.
400e HUF 20 treatment. For me, the main counter-argument was that the round trip was 2 hours + treatment 3 hours, a total of 5 hours. There are a lot of other useful things to do in the meantime. (although physiotherapy can also be done in the chamber.)
If I lived close to it or had plenty of money, I would probably have signed up for one.

Yoga breathing

This is especially important if something bad, such as waterlogging, needs to be removed to the lymph. (see lymph section above)
It may not be as effective as oxygen therapies, but it is “free” and can be done at any time.
The 4 exercises I did:
Sufi Grind

Spinal Flex

Spinal Twist

Breath of fire – BREATHING FIRE – FOR 2 MINUTES – That’s hard!
Anyone who might laugh at the yogi below should try to be able to do the exercise for 2 minutes without coughing ?. (I did not know)

After the set of exercises it is necessary to lie down for 10 minutes, relaxation !!!

Hands raised upwards

This was based entirely on our own observation.
It got a little wet for me at the site of surgery – I developed edema, I noticed it was good for him to hold it up for 4-5 minutes. Maybe it increased blood circulation, I don’t know, but it was good to feel.
You could try it on your feet

BEMER therapy

It is a device that works with a magnetic field to increase the circulation of the capillaries. I didn’t use one, I only used this afterwards. Not very cheap, it may be possible to achieve such efficiency with the practices described so far. You may also have to do the exercises intensively and rent such a machine as well. Although I’m still rethinking this statement of mine because I don’t know how intense exercise affects the vessel walls – that is, if we do all the exercises + even this Bemert.
On this link you can read the opinion of a satisfied Mom, you can inquire more about the machine + rent here.
Or it is important to keep in mind the 2 sides of the coin. If this machine increases the flow in the vessels, it will be better to incorporate IF THERE IS SOMETHING TO INSTALL! Of course, it is conceivable that if you do not take in a lot of active ingredients, the recovery will still be significant, but in this case e.g. it takes the active ingredient from the body’s calcium store, so it is incorporated here but will be missing elsewhere. So I think this machine can work effectively, but don’t treat it as a panacea. (like nothing else)

Fine motor movement

The trouble was so great that I almost learned to play the violin !!! ?
After 3 months, I still didn’t feel the fingertips of my middle, ring, and little finger.
I started researching how to improve on this.
The key word was fine motor movement. “Behind this seemingly simple process is serious work – fine, coordinated movement coordination.”
The point is that a series of exercises consisting of small movements had to be developed. I thought it best not to do the systematically repetitive exercises I learned in physiotherapy that involve very little muscle work – it’s not about strengthening, it’s not about kneading. Exercises with different rhythms in frequency — so it’s not that you do it 10 times, you do it 20 times. The best tip was to learn to play the violin. This works the ends of the fingers in a very varied way. I think that could be good. But since my musical studies were not very successful, I decided to pick peas and peel vegetables. Picking peas – think about it – a lot of low-energy tearing work.
De pl. what can be a good foot case? I do not know. It depends on what the injury is. Keep researching the net, BUT ask your physiotherapists ANYTHING!